17 Jun 2020

The Road not taken class 9 questions answers

The Road not taken class 9 questions answers

The Road not taken class 9 questions answers

The Road not taken class 9 questions answers: The Road not tsken is a poem from class 9 NCERT English text-book Beehive. The poem the road not taken is written by poet Robert Frost. Here you'll get The Road not taken class 9 questions answers.

The Road not Taken Robert Frost

In the poem The Road not taken poet tells us the importance of making choices in life. He tries to explain with the help of example in our day to day life.

The Road not Taken poem Summary

One day while the poet was passing through a forest, he reached at a point where the road diverged in two different directions. The poet found difficult to choose one of them. He could not travel through both of them at a time, so he had a look at both of them.

He found both of the road were equally fresh and similar, no traveller had used any one of them. Then the poet decided to take the less travelled road.

Poet knew that this choice would make a significant difference in the end. And one day he would be telling after ages with a sigh that his choice had made all the differences.

He left the other road for some other day, though he knew that he would never be able to come there again to travel the other road. He also knew that choices are irrecoverable and once made, they can not be changed in life.

The Road not Taken class 9 short questions answers

Q1. Who is the poet of the poem The Road not taken ? 
Ans: The poet of the poem The Road not taken is Robert Frost.

Q2  How many roads were before the poet ? 
Ans: There were two roads before the poet.

Q3. Where did the road diverge ? 
Ans: The two diverged in a forest.

Q4. What was the similarities in the two roads ? Ans: The similarities in the roads was both of them look same.

Q5. Why did the poet opt for that road ? 
Ans: The poet opted for that road because it was more grassy and  seemed better.

Q6. What was the poet's doubt ? 
Ans: The poet's doubt was that if he would ever come back to adopt the first road.

Q7. Which road did the poet choose ? 
Ans: The poet choose the less travelled road.

Q8. What made all the difference ? 
Ans: The poet's decision made all the difference.

Q9. What do the roads represent in the poem ? Ans: In the poem the roads represent the problem of right decision making.

Q10. What was the poet's opinion about both the roads ? 
Ans: According to the poet both the roads looked similar. They were equally travelled.

Q11. What was the poet's problem ? 
Ans: The poet was unable to decide which road will lead him to his destination. It was not easy for him to choose one of the roads.

The Road not Taken class 9 textbook questions answers

Thinking about the Poem

I. Q1. Where does the traveller find himself ? What problem does he face ? 
Ans: The traveller find himself at a place where the road was diverged in two different directions. His problem is to decide on which road he should walk.

Q2. Discuss what these phrases mean to you. 
      (i) a yellow wood
      (ii) it was grassy and wanted wear. 
      (iii) the passing there. 
      (iv) leaves no step had trodden black. 
      (v) how way leads on to way. 
Ans: (i) A yellow wood means a forest in the autumn season.
(ii) It means that the road had grass because it was less travelled, it wanted traveller to move on it.
(iii) It means walking on the road.
(iv) It means that the leaves had not been crushed under the feet of traveller.
(v) It means how one roads leads to another road.

Q3. Is there any differences between the two roads as the poet describe them. 
      (i) in stanzas two and three ? 
      (ii) in the last two lines of the poem. 
Ans: (i) In stanzas two and three, there is no difference between the two roads.
(ii) In the last two lines of the poem the poet says that he choose the less travelled road.

Q4. What do you think the last two lines of the poem mean ? 
Ans: Through the two lines of the poem the poet expresses his opinion that it becomes difficult for a moral to change decision. The poet intended to walk on the first road but he couldn't do so because life does not offer multiple to choose the career.

II. Q1. Have you ever had to make a difficult choice (or do you think you will have difficult choice to make) ? How will you make the choice for what reasons ? 
Ans: The problem of making choice occurs in everybody's life. In today's world people have many options. But the decision should be taken after considering all the merits and demerits of the situation.

Dear friends, here I have tried to cover up The Road not taken class 9 questions answers along with all the necessary topics related to the poem the road not taken. Hope you're satisfied, we'll update more questions answers. If you have any doubt or questions regarding the road not taken, please feel free to ask in the comment section. Thankyou very much. Enjoy learning.

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