7 Jul 2020

The Bond of Love class 9 questions answers

The Bond of Love class 9 questions answers

The Bond of Love class 9 questions answers

The Bond of Love class 9 questions answers; The Bond of love is a lesson from. Clasa 9 English NCERT main textbook Beehive. The Bond of Love is written by Kenneth Anderson. Here, you'll get The Bond of Love questions answers.

The Bond of Love class 9 summary

The Bond of Love is about love and friendship between an animal and a human being. The author describes, one day the author alongwith his friends were passing through the sugarcane fields near Mysore, where people were driving away the wild pigs from the field by shooting at them.

Unfortunately one of the companion of author shot a bear. Then they found a baby sloth bear. The author  brought the baby bear to Bangalore and gave it to his wife. His wife felt delighted on getting the bear. She named the bear as 'Bruno'. Bruno soon look to drinking milk from a bottle and gradually started eating everything.

One day the bear entered the library and ate some poison (Barium Carbonate) that has been put there for rats. Immediately author rushed to a vat and Bruno was given anti doze and Bruno recovered. Another day Bruno drank one gallon of engine oil but it had no ill effects.

Slowly Bruno equalled the Alsatians. Author's wife renamed him as Baba. Baba learnt many tricks and so he was in chains most of time. For security reason Baba was sent to Mysore Zoo. Then both of them felt depressed and undergoing departing grief.

Then author took his wife to Mysore so that she could met Baba. When Baba saw author's wife, he started dancing and stood on his head in delight. She gave him food, when the closing time came, both started crying.

The author's wife expressed her wish to take Baba back home, but the curator adviced her contact at Bangalore. Somehow, Baba was brought home back and made special arrangement for Baba to kept him. Then both of them were very happy.

The Bond of Love class 9 Textbook questions answers

II. Answer the following questions. 
Q1. "I got him for her by accident".
((i) Who says this ? 
(ii) What do 'him' and 'her' refer to ? 
(iii) What is the incident referred here ? 
Ans: (i) The author says this.
(ii) Here him referred to the baby sloth bear and her to the author's wife.
(iii) The incident referred here is the discovery of the baby sloth bear in the sugarcane field.

Q2. " He stood on his head in delight".
(i) Who does 'he' refer to ? 
(ii) Why was he delighted ? 
Ans: (i) Here he referred to 'Baba' the bear
(ii) He was delighted to see the author's wife after a long times as he loved her very much.

Q3. "We all missed him greatly, but in a sense we were relieved".
(i) Who does 'we all' stand for ? 
(ii) Who did they miss ?
(iii) Why did they nevertheless felt relieved ? 
Ans: (i) Here we all stands for the narrator and his family.
(ii) They missed the bear.
(iii) They felt relieved because it was very difficult to keep the  bear at home.

III. Answer the following questions in 30 - 40 word each. 
Q1. On two occasions Bruno ate / drank something that should not be eaten /drunk. What happened to him on these occasions ? 
Ans: On first occasion Bruno ate Barium Carbonate, which was put to kill rats and mice, As a result paralysis and he could not stand on his feet. On second occasion he drank one gallon of engine oil, but it had no ill effects.

Q2. Was Bruno a loving playful pet ? Why, then, did he have to sent away ? 
Ans: Yes, Bruno was a loving and playful pet, buy Bruno was mischievous too. He had grown many time bigger in size to be kept at home, So Bruno waw sent away.

Q3. How was the problem of what to do with Bruno finally solved ? 
Ans: An island was made for Bruno at author's home. A wooden box was kept with straw in it to sleep at night and all his necessities were kept there.

The Bond of Love class 9 short questions answers

Q1. Who was Bruno ? 
Ans: Bruno was the name of baby sloth bear.

Q2. Name the poison ate by Bruno ? 
Ans: Barium Carbonate.

Q3. What was Bruno's new name ? 
Ans: Bruno's new name was Baba.

Q4. What does the word Baba signify ? 
Ans: Baba word signify a small boy, a hindustani name.

Q5. With whom Bruno is compared ? 
Ans: Bruno is compared with Alsatian dog.

Q6. Who missed whom ? 
Ans: The author's family missed the bear.

Q7. Who is the author of the lesson 'The bond of love' ? 
Ans: Kenneth Anderson.

Q8. Where was Bruno send to ? 
Ans: Bruno was sent to zoo at Mysore.

Q9. Where did the author discover the baby bear ? 
Ans: The author discovered the baby bear at sugarcane field.

The Bond of Love class 9 extra questions answers

Q1. Why was the author's wife inconsolable ? 
Ans: The author's wife was inconsolable because she had motherly affection for Bruno, she got separated from Bruno.

Q2. What happened to Bruno when he was sent to the zoo ? 
Ans: When Bruno was sent to the zoo, he became very thin and sad. He became very emotional at the zoo and he refused to eat food.

Q3. Name the eatables Bruno started eating. 
Ans: Bruno started to eat and drink everything. He ate vegetable, fruits, porridge, curry, meat specially pork and all liquids even alcohol.

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