16 Jul 2020

A Legend of the Northland class 9 questions answers

A Legend of the Northland class 9 questions answers

A Legend of the Northland class 9 questions answers

A Legend of the Northland class 9 questions answers: A legend of the Northland is a poem from class 9 English NCERT main textbook 'Beehive'. The poem A Legend of the Northland is written by poet Phoebe Cary. Here, you will get A Legend of the Northland class 9 questions answers.

A legend of the Northland summary

Through the poem "A Legend of the Northland" poet "Phoebe  Cary" narrates about an incident that took place away away in the Northland. In Northland days are very short and nights are very long in winter and the people can not sleep for the whole night.

In winter season in the Northland when snow falls, people residing there harness the reindeers to pull their sledges. Their children look funny in their furry clothes.

Poet says there is a legend among the people in the Northland and poet does not believe it to be true but he decides to share with his readers so that they can get a lesson from the story.

Once, Saint Peter was travelling round the earth. He was hungry, he came across a little woman who was baking cakes in a hearth in her cottage. Due to fasting, Saint Peter was feeling very week.

He requested the woman to give him one cake from her store  of cakes. The lady was greedy, she made a small cake and placed it on the hearth for baking it. When it was turned the cake became larger for the lady. Then she changed it another cake and baked it again it was larger for her. She placed it in her shelf instead of giving it to Saint Peter.

After that the lady took little scrap of dough and baked it. But she failed to part with it. This made Saint Peter got angry due to her selfish activity.

The Saint Peter tells the lady that she is very selfish to dwell in human form and have shelter and fire to warmth herself. Saying this the Saint Peter transform her into a woodpecker. So that she had to work hard for scanty of food by boring and boring in the hard wood all day long.

At this the lady entered through the chimney and her clothes were burnt down and she had a scarlet cap on her head. A woodpecker flew over.

Thereafter she lives in the trees and get her food boring in the hardwood. Even today every country schoolboy can see her.

A Legend of the Northland questions answers

Thinking about the Poem
I Q.1. Which country or countries do you think 'The Northland ' refers to ? 
Ans: The Northland may refers to the extremely cold countries in the North polar region where days are short and nights are long in winters.

Q2. What did Saint Peter ask the old lady for ? What was the lady's reaction ? 
Ans: Saint Peter asked the old lady for a piece of cake from her stores of cakes. The old lady behaved selfish and she did not give him anything to eat.

Q3. How did he punish her ? 
Ans: Saint Peter got angry due to her selfish behaviour and punished her turning her into a woodpecker.

Q4. How does the woodpecker get her food ? 
Ans: The woodpecker gets her food by boring and boring all day long in the hardwood.

Q5. Do you think that the old lady would have been so ungenerous if she had known who Saint Peter really was ? What would she have done then ? 
Ans: If the lady had known about Saint Peter, she would not have done this. Then she might have given him a piece of cake.

Q6. Is this a true story ? Which part of this poem do you feel is the most important ? 
Ans: This is not a true story, it is an imaginary story. The third stanza of this poem is very important.

Q7. What is a legend ? Why is this poem called a legend ? 
Ans: A legend is an old traditional and mythological story from where we get some lesson. The title of this poem tells us that it is a legend.

Q8. Write the story of "A legend of the Northland" in about ten sentences. 
Ans: This poem describes a of a Saint and greedy woman. The Saint Peter becomes weak due to fasting and travelling and asked the lady for alms. But the greedy woman did not give him anything to eat. At this, He got angry and cursed her to become a woodpecker. Then the lady transformed into a woodpecker. She continued boring into hard dry wood for her food. Since then she lived in the trees and every schoolboy seen her in the forest.

A Legend of the Northland extra questions answers

Q1. Who is the poet of the poem 'A Legend of the Northland' ? 
Ans: Phoebe Cary

Q2. What did the greedy woman do ? 
Ans: The greedy woman baked a little cake.

Q3. What did the old woman notice when she baked cake ? 
Ans: When she baked cake, the old woman noticed that the cake become too large.

Q4. What did she notice when she turned the small cake ? 
Ans: When she turned the small cake, she found it as large as the first cake.

Q5. How did Saint Peter when the lady refused to give him the cake ? 
Ans: Saint Peter became very angry when the lady refused to give him the cake.

Q6. What did the Saint Peter say about the lady ? 
Ans: The Saint Peter said that the lady was selfish.

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