8 Mar 2021

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021: As like for doing any other work, it is most important that we focus our attention on that work, it should be applied at the time when we are studying. But How to be Concentrate on Study ? so here I'm going to share some tips on How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021 with which you can study with full attention and you will also be able to perform well in the exam. 

When we are studying, a lot of things start coming in our mind.  In this case, it is very difficult to read correctly. On the other hand studying is boring and tough too. So you should know how to study effectively

Whether you’re a aspirant appearing for any competitive exams like UPSC, AIEE, CAT, CSIR, GATE, IITJEE, NEET, MAT, NALSAR, CTET, SSC etc or someone starting high school, figuring out how to be focused on study is a challenge that we all face. Hey, here are some tips to score good marks in exams, have you read ? 

How to Concentrate on Study for Long Hours

Now, are you having trouble concentrating on your studies for long hours ? Well, don't worry, it happens to the best of students. Also, you can read how to prepare for Board Exam 2021.

The biggest challenge for a student is social media, procrastination, time management, or a combination of all three. Here I'm going to share some practical tips that can help minimize the stress of studying and keep you focused on your study only.

To concentrate on your studies, you may just need to shake up your study patterns, study in a quieter place free of outside distraction, practise a new technique, or simply come up with a really effective study plan that allows your mind breaks as often as you need. 

Experiment until you find what works for you. Friends you are appearing class 12 Board Exam, here is an article about some best professional courses after class 12. If you read and know about these courses it might help you to choose your career


How to be Focused on Study

Here are some simple study tips to help you to be stay focused on study. Before going through lets have a look at the study tips in short. Practising these tips will make you learn anything 10x faster

• Set study goals

• Make a study timetable

• Control over thoughts

• Find a suitable environment

• Well Organised Study Area

• Note Making

• Driveway Distractions

• Music is the Medicine

• Eat Healthy

• Take Regular Exercise

• Sleep Enough

Now look at all the tips in details... lets check it out

Set study goals

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021
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First thing is start with the basics and you have to set your study goals. Ask yourself why you are here and why you need to study. After the exam is over, definately you'll get lot of time to play video games, idling with friends and so on. Having fun is certainly not the primary objective. Knowing your objectives completes half the job.

Make a study timetable

Once you know what you want, the next step is to prepare a weekly study timetable. Set a routine for everything. Your timetable could include the time you should go to bed, the time you should have your meals, and most importantly the time you should spend on studies.

If you have a long night of studying ahead of you, make a plan for the day. Aim to study for 30-60 minute periods with 5 or 10 minute breaks in between. Your brain needs the break to recharge that will help your brain to synthesize the information. 

I would advise you to switch subjects every hour or so to prevent yourself from getting bored. Too much of one subject and your brain will start going on autopilot. A new subject will wake up your mind and your motivation. So try to stick to your study timetable as best as you can.

Control over thoughts

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021
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Set aside time to worry or think about other things. Sometimes it's hard to study because the real world keeps creeping into our minds. I am not asking you to give up all your social activities, but you have to take some bold steps.

Sometimes, we feel like we don't have control over our thoughts, but you have to. Tell yourself that you'll think about that problem or that girl or boy when you're finished. If you start to feel your mind wander, stop it dead in its tracks. Take a second to shake it off from your mind, and then resume with your main priority. 

Also you can keep a pen and paper beside you and write down everything that comes to your mind during your study. Do or think about those things once you're having done your work.

Find a suitable environment

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021
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Choose the right spot, finding where you work best is an essential part of any successful studying session. A quiet place with a suitable environment. Whether it is your room or a library, choose an atmosphere that is silent & free of distractions to concentrate. It should be away from the TV, pets, and anything else that distracts you at a ease.

Sit in a comfortable chair at a table or desk while you study. Don't study in bed, you'll just want to fall asleep. What's more, you'll start to associate your bedroom with studying and that's definitely an impulse you want to avoid.

Always sit straight while you study, sitting upright has been shown to increase energy levels and confidence, as well as enhance overall mood. Sitting in a slouching position can make your brain more predisposed to feelings of hopelessness. There should be no strain on your back, neck, or eyes as you know well, pain is also a distraction.

Board Exam 2021 Concentration Tips

Well Organised Study Area

Have everything you need to study. Your pencils and pens, highlighters, and books should be within your reach so that you are not distracted while studying. 

Keep all the textbooks, notebooks, and papers you need all should be within arm's reach. Even if you're not sure you'll need it, it should be in your study area. There should be no reason you have to get up, this is quite literally a set-up for success. 

Note Making

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021
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Make a habit of making notes on the concepts, characters, plots, or events described. Use as few words as possible and brief examples to tell what you mean to say. Abbreviate the spellings of what you write in your notes. Note page numbers, titles, and authors of books in case you need to refer to them again for a bibliography or another reason. This  will surely help in your revision. 

How to Stay Focused on Study

Driveway Distractions

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021
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Make sure your cell phone and other electronic devices are turned off. This will help you avoid temptations to be off-task and allow you to stay on your plan. Only use your computer, if you need it for your studies, otherwise, it's just an unnecessary risk. 

Keep yourself way from social media. Self-help is the key here. No one else is going to stop you from doing what you want, but you’re the one who will face the consequences if you fail to meet your targets. Understand yourself and whether you need Facebook / Instagram to be blocked for the next few days. Ha Ha Ha Don't worry, it'll come back.

Music is the Medicine

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021
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Music is a medicine whether it is broken heart or partying. For some people, music helps them concentrate and for some, it doesn't. Consider playing background music softly, a little something in the background can make you forget that you're just studying instead of having fun.

Keep in mind that the music that's right for you to study may not be the music you traditionally like. Traditionally music that you don't know is better because recognizing a song's lyrics makes your mind wander or even sing to it. 

Experiment with listening to other genres to see whether there's something you enjoy but can easily tune in and out. Natural sounds such as birds chirping, rain, river stream, sea waves or other pleasant sounds to help you study. There are several free tools available online.

Eat Healthy 

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021
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Eat healthily. You are what you eat after all, and if you eat healthily, your mind will be healthy, too. It is beneficial to eat your favourite colorful fruits and vegetable, whole grains, lean meats, nuts and good fats, like the ones in dark chocolate and olive oil. A healthy diet will keep you more energized and make it easier to put your mind to the test. 

I would suggest you to avoid junk food like fast food and white foods like white bread, potatoes, flour, grease, and sugar. They're just "dead" foods and sugary drinks that cause you to crash in class and at study time.

Take Regular Exercise

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021
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Studies have shown that regular exercise, yoga and a morning walk in the open air benefit not only your body, but also your brain. Research suggests that in the short-term exercise can improve your focus for up to two to three hours by increasing blood flow to the brain. 

Regular exercise has also been shown to improve mood and sleep, while reducing stress and anxiety. In the long term, exercise has even been shown to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and slow the process of brain aging.

Sleep Enough

How To Concentrate on Study for Board Exam 2021
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Get enough sleep. The benefits of sleep are practically innumerable. Not only are your hormones regulated and information synthesized, but it helps you fire on all pistons the next day, too. In fact, trying to focus while overly tired is physically similar to trying to focus while drunk. 

A person of 14-17 years old need 8-10 hours of sleep and 18-25 years old need 7-9 hours of sleep a night. A sleepless night leads to memory loss, increasing stress level etc. 


Make studying more active, reading can get boring, especially when it's on a topic you don't enjoy. Remembering to focus on the learning rather than a grade can help reduce some of the distracting stress and pressure surrounding studying.

Follow these study tips and stay focused on your goals, and you should find you’re feeling more confident about your studies. 

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