21 Feb 2021

Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster

Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster

Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster
 Tips how to learn anything 10x faster

Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster
: How many times you read your text-book, but you keep on forgetting the things that you study and read. Here I'm going to share Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster. If you really focus on these tips and practice it into a consistent study habit, it will surely increase your brain power, and next time you'll be your class topper. 

You read the same thing over and over again but it took you a long time. Sometimes you studied from midnight until the daylight and it stressed you a lot. And what is the result ? They all fly away from your mind as if you never studied that hard. And you think your memory is weak and so you keep on forgetting things. No, my friends, you should know how to  study effectively and implement it for you benefit. 

Most of us hated studying with an almost physical passion. And re-reading over and over and over again in the hope something will stick in our memory is just painful. It is  extremely hard just to sit down and open a text book.


How to remember things faster

In order to perform your best in school, it’s important to make sure you have a meaningful understanding of a subject. When I was still a student, I just studied and studied my text-book, as my parents and teachers used to told me to study more and more. But things never sticked in my mind. 

They just adviced me to study and work hard, but there was none to guide me how to memorize faster for exams, how to remember faster. I even didn't know how to prepare for exams. But today you need not to worry about all these, I can share my experiences with you. I have some best study tips for you to top in exams. I will suggest you to have look at these tips, I hope you'll like it too. 

When exam comes overhead and then we realise that we have studied nothing, and we start to study whole night and day before the exam day. Most of us confused about How to study for exam and how to study before examIf you are a board appearing student, you can also read an article on how to score good marks in board exams, it might be beneficial for you. 

How to learn faster and remember more

People with excellent memories are not too different from us. The difference is simple, they just use a combination of techniques to enable their minds to memorize things. If you search on Google on this topic, you will find dozens of techniques, tips and strategies. 

But here in this post, I will mention top five scientific techniques to learn faster and remember more that I've practiced personally. So without wasting time lets jump into the best scientific techniques that scientists, teachers and also the smartest students in the world use to learn faster and remember more. 

1. Organize Your Space

Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster
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To improve your memory and learn faster and remember more, you need to be able to focus. Distractions of any kind will prevent this, so make sure your space is clear of clutter, it should not be messy and has all the materials you need for your study session.

Suppose if you are studying Maths, then keep your practice book, geometry, ruler and all the necessary things. If you are studying English then keep your dictionary, note books, highlighter on the table. 

2. Avoid Multitasking

Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster
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If you want to learn faster and remember more for your personal development. You should avoid multitasking. Whenever you are learning something, keep the phone in silent mode or out of reach and do not do any other work or think unnecessary while studying.

When you are reading, keep reading, let’s say that you have decided to read for 30 minutes, take 5 minutes break then read for 30 minutes without getting distracted. This will help increase your retention and build your longer memory power.

Suppose you are busy with your study but suddenly your mobile rings, notification alerts flickering on screen, your friends inviting you to chat on social media. So stay away from mobile phone. 

These two were basic tips that many of us know and would tell you to follow. But next 3 are scientific techniques to learn faster and remember more, have a look. 

3. Big Picture Technique

Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster
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Most times we just start to learn by heart every single detail from our text-book and then forget most of it. Instead learning can be easy with the big picture technique. Try to visualize what you read as learning in bits and pieces means nothing until it all collates together to make the topic meaningful. 

Suppose if you want to learn about the East India Company in Indian history how about you first look at the map of India over time and notice the changing shape and size of the East India Company over the years. Think about which different small small rulers existed in that time, understand how they gained supports from different groups of people, what was their motivation and how they extended. 

You can also think and imagine about the different tactics used by the East India Company. Once you understand the big picture the small details will just perfectly fit in place for one day. Read your book like a fairy tale keeping the large canvas in mind the bigger picture and you will learn for life. 

4. Visual Mnemonics 

Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster
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Many research proves that images and pictures stay in our mind for much longer than words or sounds. That's why children's books involves lots of drawings and sketching basically visualizing information into fun images and pictures. 

Haven't you seen your Kindergarten tex-books ? there are many cartoons, sketch etc to inspiring visual thinking, Illustrations in a picture book help children understand more what they are reading. 

Suppose if you are a  biology student, and you are studying about depressant drugs like barbiturates alcohols and tranquilizers. You can use a visual mnemonic to remember B A T, instead B for barbiturates A for alcohol and T for tranquilizers and just draw a sad sleepy looking depressed BAT in your textbook next to where this information is given this strong visual will stay in your memory for times to come.

5. Humanify to Simplify 

Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster
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Think why we remember the scenes, dialogues and even expressions from our favourite movie even though we watched it months ago and why do we forget the chapter that we studied last night.

It is because of our interest, we remember full details of what we like and conveniently forget what we don't like. So let's humanify difficult concepts make them into real people.

For example, here is a list of mineral nutrients that the human body needs, some important names leader's from your history book, some important dates etc try to think of names your friends, your favourite things too. These visual details will help you remember the information like a movie ok.

Bonus Tips

While there are several types of memory enhancing mnemonics to choose from my personal favourite is teaching others what we learn. 

Teach Others

It is always good to teach someone else so that through that your own concepts are also being cleared. Research shows it's definitely true that those who teach speed up their learning and retain more. 

When teachers prepare to teach, they tend to seek out key points and organize information into a coherent structure. 

Teaching others will not only revise your lesson, make you learn more effectively. 


Thank you so much for reading through. The tips shared above are Best 5 tips how to learn anything 10x faster, these are powerful and scientifically proven ways to learn anything fast, if you have any additional tips on How to learn faster and remember more be sure to drop it in the comment section below. Happy reading, enjoy reading, hope soon you became the favourite student of your teacher.

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