20 Feb 2021

Important Questions on Essay writing for Board Exam 2021

Important Questions on Essay writing for Board Exam 2021

Important Questions on Essay writing for Board Exam 2021

Important Questions on Essay writing for Board Exam 2021: Writing an essay is the best form of expressing your views on something. Here in this post we have tried to present Important Questions on Essay writing for Board Exam 2021.

An essay writing is generally a short piece of writing outlining the writer's perspective or story. When we are thinking about the essay we are particularly thinking about these brief essays which we write in examinations. Inorder to score full marks in essay writing we should know how to write a good essay. 

Essay writing types

Essay writing is about a presentation of not only your ideas but also the ideas that you've acquired which prove that you understand the subject. There are many types of essays, but the 4 common types of essays you need to know are, Expository Essays, Descriptive Essays, Narrative Essays and Argumentative Essays

Essay writing in English for Students

Essay writings can be formal as well as informal. Formal essays are generally academic in nature and tackle serious topics. From the class five upto the University level we are asked to write essays on various topics, even in some compititive exams essay writing helps us to improve our marks. 

Essay writing example

In this post you can see ten examples of essay writing, if you like to read full essay on these topics then click the link given or you can download pdf also. 

The cow is a four footed domestic animal. She gives us milk, gives birth to a calf in a year. She has four teats in he udder. The cow mainly lives on grass and straw. The male cow is called bullock. If you want to read complete Essay on Cow click here. 

Every man should have an aim in life. A life without an aim is like a boat without its sailors. Inorder to succeed in life one should make plan and set goal. Here you can read complete essay on My aim in life both in English and Hindi

A hobby is an interesting occupation, not one's regular business but for one's leisure time. We often enjoy doing certain things which are not our profession. When we find interest in doing a thing at our leisure time that is a hobby. Here you can read Essay on my hobby and Essay on your hobby.

Discipline is the habit of acting properly. The word discipline comes from the word 'disciple'. Discipline means learning to obey rules. Discipline is a training in self control, orderliness, obedience and co-operation. Read complete essay on discipline here. 

Punctuality means habit of doing a work at the right moment or on the appointed time. A punctual man always acquires advantageous position. It is a habit which one should acquire at a very early age. Read complete essay on punctuality here. 

Science has given us so many blessings. From morning till night we have to depend on the invention of science. Some examples of gift of science are alarm clock, radio, television, telephone, vehicle, fuel, calculator, medicines and the list goes on. We can not think of a moment living without science. Essay on Science in everyday life is an important essay for class 10 Board exam. 

Students life is the most important period of a man's life. It is the high time of receiving education and training for future life. Students are the future of a nation. It is totally depend on proper education and training in student life. You can read essay on students life here. 

The school library is an important part of a school. Every school should have a well stocked library of its own. We cannot think of a school without having a library of its own. Knowledge acquired from text- book is not enough to broaden the outlook of a student now a days and the school libraries help the students to have knowledge and ideas of things. Essay on school library is one the basic essays that is asked to write in the exams. 

Games and sports have become a part of our social and cultural life. They are a means of recreation, medium for proper development of personality and sometime for proper understanding between different groups and countries. Here you can read essay on my favourite game

Morning walk gives us energy, motivates us to avoid laziness and creates a positive mindset. It is good for our heart, it is helpful in proper digestion, reduces the risk of diabetes, Increasing lung capacity, Improves brain function, eases muscle and joint pains, reducing the risk of cancer, weight loss and enhancing of appetite. Essay on morning walk is common essay for class 5 and 6 standard students. 

These are some of the samples of essay writing, more essays will be updated soon. Keep on reading, if you have any topics in your mind that I missed, please write in the comment. Thank you very much. 

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