3 Aug 2020

Travelling is a part of education essay writing

Travelling is a part of education essay writing

Travelling is a part of education essay writing

Travelling is a part of education essay writing : Here in this post you'll get to read essay writing on travelling is a part of education.

Essay writing on Travelling is a part of education

In your exam if you are asked to write an essay on Travelling is a part of education. Then you can write this essay and score full marks.

Travelling is a part of education essay

Education does not consist of collecting information stored in textbooks only. Education, as is meant, refers to the all round growth and development of a child.

In order that a child develops mentally, he should be exposed to the wide world. This is possible only by means of travelling.

This is the reason why schools, colleges and universities spend huge sums of money every year on educational tours. Today, travelling has been considered to be a necessary part of education.

Books impart knowledge on many things. We read about places famous for certain historical events. But travelling, we would be able to obtain a first hand knowledge of these places.

Reading about the beauty of places and importance of the places and visiting the places are two different things. Moreover, by reading about something, we get an author's point of view only. But by visiting a place we can make a first hand impression of that place.

Travelling offers us opportunities to be acquainted with the people and thier cultures and traditions in different countries. By knowing about other people, it is possible for us to widen our experience. Widening the frontiers of our experience is indeed education.

Besides, travelling is a source of pleasure. The best photographs or paintings cannot capture its original beauty, the best way to appreciate the beauty of nature is to visit physically and see the scene.

Travelling is a means of gaining health and happiness. The joy of travelling has been recorded by many great travellers and poets. Travelling enlarges our knowledge.

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