10 Jun 2020

Essay writing on My Study

Essay writing on My Study

Essay writing on my study

Essay writing on My Study: Here you will get to read about essay writing on My Study.

Q. Write an essay in 100 - 150 words on your study

                                                 My Study

Study and a student are like the two sides of a coin. Without regular study a student can never acquire knowledge.

I have made a systematic routine for my study. I always get up early in the morning. Then after forming my usual duties I sit at my study. In the morning I read for two hours and in the  evening I study for three hours.

In the morning I prepare my lessons to be teach in the schools, in evening I do my homework and revise that taught in schools. When ever I face any difficulty in lessons I mark it and ask our teachers next day at school.

When I have holiday, I read story books, newspapers, biographies, GK and current affairs beside my text-book. this help me to gain more knowledge and give me pleasure.

This regular study routine has benefitted me much. It balance my study time, I get equal time for home work and revise my lessons. I have divided time table for each subjects.

The more you need the more you learn as a proverb says. So we must not neglect our study and should not waste our valuable time. 

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