14 Nov 2020

Model question paper for class 10 HSLC 2021 Paper 1

Model question paper for class 10 HSLC 2021 Paper 1

Model question paper for class 10 HSLC 2021 Paper 1

Model question paper for class 10 HSLC 2021 Paper 1: Model question papers are important tools for students to get prepared for their board examination. Here you'll get Model question paper for class 10 HSLC 2021 Paper 1

SEBA Class 10th Model Questions Paper 2021, question paper 2021

SEBA HSLC Final Examination is suppose to commence on 2nd week February and HSLC Practical Examinations would be held on month of January 2021. 

Assam HSLC Mock Test Paper 2021


                                         Full Marks :90

                                       Pass Marks : 27

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions. 


                                           SECTION - A

1. (a) Choose the meaning of the underlined word in the following sentences from among the alternatives given in the brackets :                      1

Send me the rest, since I need it very much. 

(relax / remaining part / be buried) 

    (b) State whether the following statements are True or False :                                                 1+1= 2

     (i) Thabo Mbeki was sworn in as the first deputy president. 

    (ii) On the day of inauguration, Mandel was accompanied by his daughter Zenani.

    (c) Choose the correct answer from among the alternatives given and complete the sentence given below :                1

   Tea came to Europe only in the..... 

     (i) sixteenth century

     (ii) fifteenth century

     (iii) nineteenth century 

2. How was the postmaster ?                             1

3. What did Mandela hope for the future of South Africa ?     2

4. What are the sports that offered to the tourists in Coorg ?         2

5. What did Lencho write in his second letter to God ? 2

6. What more did Rajvir tell Pranjol about tea ?  3

7. what made Lencho think that the post office employees were a bunch of Crooks ?  2

8. What did Mandela say about man's twin obligations ? 2

9. What is the story about Coorgy people's descent ?          2

10. Why did Lencho compare the raindrops to new coins ?    2

                                                SECTION - B

11. Choose from the box given below the words that rhyme with the following :   1× 2= 2

                             house,  rage

         rest, mouse, stairs, bears, cage, cries

12. Choose the meaning of the underlined words from the alternatives given in the brackets:  1×2= 2

(a) They do not sweat and whine about their condition. 

(sing loudly / complain in an annoying voice / cry in sad) 

(b) I think I could turn and live with the animals, they are so placid and self-contained. 

(angry / calm and peaceful / harmful) 

13. Give a description of the pirate as mentioned in the poem ? 2

14. Why does the poet feel more at home with the animals ? 2

15. Why does the tiger ignore visitors ? 2

16. How did Custard the Dragon save Belinda from the pirate ? 2

                                           SECTION - C

17. Give a description of Max's conversation with Ausable ? 5

18. How did the young lady trick Horace Danby into thinking that she is the lady of the house ? 5

                                              SECTION - D

19. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with the right determiners : ½×4=2

      (a) My brother is....... NCC cadet. 

      (b) He comes home twice...... month. 

      (c) A busy person has ......... time to waste.

      (d) The story is ........interesting.

20. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition from among the choices given in the brackets:  ½×4= 2

       (a) She is gifted......... a sweet voice. (by/at/with)

       (b) Tiger live........ flesh. (on/ by/ with )

       (c) Assam is rich.........minerals. (at/with/in)

       (d) The ship is bound........ Howrah. (to/from /for)

21. Rewrite the following sentences putting the verbs in the brackets in their correct tense form: 1×3= 3

     (a) She (be) in this school since 2006.

     (b) It is time, I (go) home.

     (c) I (did not see) my friends for ages.

22. Change the narration of the following : 1×2=2

     (a) The players exclaimed joyfully that they had won the game. 

     (b) Mother said to me, "Do not tell a lie ?"

23. Change the voice of the following: 1×2=2

      (a) An earthquake destroyed the town.

      (b) The party selected him president.

24. Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into a single sentences: 1×2=2

      (a) Robin is my friend. He is a journalist. 

      (b) The man was running way. We saw the man. 

25. Choose the correct alternatives from the choices given in the brackets and write out the sentences : 1×2=2

     (a) A man of ......... is respected by all. (principal / principle) 

     (b) Her handwriting is almost......... (illegible / eligible) 

26. Make sentences to illustrate the meaning of any two of the following : 1×2=2


        look for, break out, call on, make up

27. Correct any three of the following sentences : 1×3=3


        (a) Her son-in-laws are rich men.

        (b) It is raining since morning.

        (c) How you know him ?

        (d) I and he are brothers.

        (e) He is senior than me in age.

        (f) I do not know to do it.


28. (a) Translate into English 1×6 = 6

    (i) তোমাৰ দেউতাৰা কালি আমাৰ গাঁৱলৈ আহিছিল।

    (ii)এইমাত্ৰ তোমালৈ এখন চিঠি লিখিছো।

    (iii) তুমি চিঠি লিখি ভালপোৱা, নহয় নেকি?

    (iv) তোমালোক অহাৰ সময়ত মই ইংৰাজী পঢ়ি আছিলো।

     (v) প্ৰকাশ বৰুৱাই জানুৱাৰীৰ পৰা জ্বৰত ভুগি আছে।

     (vi) মই ইংৰাজীতে ক'ম বুলি ঠিক কৰিছোঁ।


(b) Give substance of the following passage :                          6

               Man is the maker of his fortune. We cannot prosper in life if we are afraid of labour. People generally think that success in life depends on luck. This is not true. Men of science have toiled day and night to invent radio, television, telephone which have added to joy of our life. Life is not a bed of roses. Life will be miserable if we shrink from labour and fail to earn money enough to meet our daily expenses. Industry is the secret of success not only for an individual but also for a nation. China and America are the most powerful nations of the world today. They have attained such power and position by virtue of the earnest labour of their people. We Indians too, must work hard if we want to raise the prestige of our country in the eye of the world.

29. Write an essay, in about 150 words, on any one of the following topics :                                                                       6

(a) Science in everyday life.

(b) Travelling as a part of Education.


Write a story in about 150 words using the outlines given below. Add a title to it. 6

A hungry fox sees a crow with a piece of meat - wanted to get the piece - praises the crow - asks the crow to sing - the crow sings - the piece of meat falls down from its beak - the fox picks it up and runs away.

30. Answer either (a) or (b) :       5

(a) Suppose you are the General Secretary of the Students Union of your school. Write an application to the Principal requesting him to grant a half holiday on the occasion of the Kati Bihu Festival.

(b) Write a report for a local daily on the basis of the information given below.


(i) Guwahati; 16-2-2020

(ii) Annual prize day of your school.

(iii) A festive atmosphere in the school.

(iv) The Education Minister was the Chief-guest.

(v) The gave away the prizes and gave an encouraging speech.

31. (a) Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow :

           Three - fourth of the Earth is covered by the sea which both separates and unites the various races of mankind. The sea is the great highway along which man may travel at his will, the great road that has no walls or hedges hemming it in. Nobody needs to keep it in good repair with the help of pickaxe and barrels of tar and steamrollers. The Sea appeals to man's love of the perilous and the unknown, to his love of conquest, his love of knowledge and his love of gold. Its blue waters call to him and bid him fare forth in quest of fresh fields. Beyond their horizon he has found danger and death, glory and gain.

(i) How much of our planet is not covered by the sea ? 1

(ii) How does the sea help man ? 2

(iii) In what way does the sea appeal to man ? 2

(b) Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow :

     The river, Kaveri, obtains its water from the hills

and forests of Coorg. Mahaseer — a large freshwater fish — abound in these waters. Kingfishers dive for their catch, while squirrels and langurs drop partially eaten fruit for the mischief of enjoying the splash and the ripple effect in the clear water.Elephants enjoy being bathed and scrubbed in the river by their mahouts.

     The most laidback individuals become converts

to the life of high-energy adventure with river rafting, canoeing, rappelling, rock climbing and mountain biking. Numerous walking trails in this region are a favourite with trekkers.

(i) From where does the river Kaveri obtain its water ? 1

(ii) How do the various birds and beasts enjoy in the stream of Kaveri ? 2

(iii) Name the various sports favourite with the visitors to this place. 2

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